Our Businesses .

As a diversified business, our interest in multiple industries indicates our determination to cater for various arising needs of different sectors.

Technoxperts Media

At TECHNOXPERTS, we incorporate market research and brilliant expertise to hunt out new deals and opportunities to grow your brand and provide more impactful solutions.

Funita Media

At FunitaMedia, we listen to your needs and understand your audience. Our team of seasoned media professionals then apply powerful insights and unconventional thinking to develop a plan that gets results.

Technoxperts Studio

Technoxperts Studio is a perfect place for Rehearsals, Live Sessions, Mixing and Mastering, Production. and songwriting. 

Mic Ebudok

We pride ourselves on our local expertise which, combined with an up-to-date understanding of the latest real estate trends and methodologies, can add real value to any project.